Jazztel new landlines

Jazztel broadband services  in Spain work over landlines.
If you do not have a landline Jazztel can install the line if they have equipment installed in your local exchange. If this is not the case Fortec can order a landline for you with Movistar which can then be switched to Jazztel.
Jazztel new landlines cost 49,59€ + IVA (or IGIC in the Canary Islands). Payment for a new line is made by credit/debit card when the order is made.
Line installation with Movistar is free. If the line is new when the line is switched to Jazztel or another competitive company a charge of up to 83,50€ can be made by Movistar. If the line has been activated with Movistar for 6 months or more there is no charge from Movistar unless you have a service with a contract period, such as ADSL, which often has a one year contract with Movistar. If Fortec order a Movistar line for you we will ask you to contact us to tell us the number once the line has been installed.

Phone numbers:
902 88 11 00
(0034) 952 880 596
FORTEC Comunicationes, S.L Apartado de correos 1072 29680 Estepona (Málaga)